Backyard Farms was started by Tisha Ang-Dominguez, an advocate for healthy eating and lifestyle. As a mother, Tisha started farming in her own backyard in Sarangani because she wanted to ensure the quality of produce used for her family’s meals. Having the firm belief that every person should be able to eat without worrying about the harmful chemicals in their food, she decided to venture into natural food production, starting with poultry farming by raising chickens through methods she knew she could trust.

Convinced that healthy eating starts at the source, Tisha guarantees that all Backyard Farms chickens are pasture-raised. While commercial chickens are housed in cramped warehouses making them susceptible to diseases, Backyard Farms chickens are grown on farms and are given the liberty to roam freely in open areas. Because of this, the chickens are healthier and happier.

In addition, unlike commercial chickens, Backyard Farms chickens are never given growth hormones and antibiotics. Instead, they enjoy healthy servings of grass, bugs, worms, and greens from the gardens, supplemented by fresh feeds made with only natural ingredients, like corn and soy.

The meticulous care does not stop there. Backyard Farms boasts of vacuum-sealed packaging in order to prevent the entry of oxygen, which kills the aerobic bacteria, like salmonella. Backyard Farms also uses a fresh freezing method that kills 99.47 percent of the anaerobic bacteria, such as E. coli. These processes not only assure us that the chickens are cleaner and safer to eat, but also guarantee freshness and full flavor.

Beyond providing all-natural and quality produce, Backyard Farms challenges the status quo of commercial food production by utilizing sustainable farming methods that are beneficial to the environment, and to the farming community.

Tisha's dreams for Backyard Farms extend beyond her small family —

“My goal is to empower small families to begin their own farms in their backyards, especially in provinces where they have so much open space. I want to be able to share this knowledge with them, and eventually help them sell their products.”

By empowering families and supporting all-natural farmers, we can feed the hungry, protect our loved ones from harmful food products, and take comfort in the fact that we are helping our world become a better place, one farm at a time.


What’s so special about Backyard Farms chickens?
At Backyard Farms, we value every step by which our chickens are grown, processed, packaged, and stored.

Our chickens are pasture-raised, free of hormones and antibiotics, vacuum sealed and fresh frozen.
How are Backyard Farms chicken raised?
Food labels and advertising can be extremely confusing and misleading especially in providing information on how chickens are grown or raised.

At Backyard Farms, we keep it simple:

Our chickens are never given antibiotics or growth hormones, which is a common practice in commercial chicken farming and even for free-range labeled chickens.

Our chickens are grown in an all-natural environment and are given the liberty to roam freely in open space.

Our chickens enjoy healthy servings of grass, bugs, worms, and greens from our gardens. We also supplement these with fresh feeds, using only natural ingredients.
What are the advantages of Vacuum Sealing and Fresh Freezing?
Vacuum-sealed packaging is necessary in order to prevent the entry of oxygen, which kills all the aerobic bacteria that needs oxygen to live. By killing aerobic bacteria, such as salmonella, our chickens are safer and cleaner.

By fresh freezing the product at 50 degrees below zero, several things occur.

First, any flavors of the chicken are locked in because the freezing occurs so quickly.

Second, no crystallization or freezer burn occurs, making it as good as fresh.

And lastly, the most important benefit of blast freezing is that it kills 99.47 percent of the anaerobic bacteria, such as E. coli.

As a result of this process, the product is safer and cleaner.
What is the difference between Broiler/Commercial chicken, Native chicken, and Backyard Farms Chicken?
Backyard Farms requires a minimum of 60 days of feeding and raising our chickens to achieve target weight, almost 3 times longer than conventional/commercial/broiler chickens, which takes 21 days. No hormones are used to speed up their growth.

Backyard Farms uses a French breed of chickens that can withstand the outdoors, unlike the white breed used for broiler chicken, and the native breed for native chicken.

Despite these differences, Backyard Farms chickens are still as tender as broiler/commercial chickens and as tasty as native chickens. And the best part is that you can trust that they are all-natural and grown without any harmful synthetics.